Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Start

I love food.

Food is one of the best things about living in this world- the taste, the texture, making it, the energized feeling you get after eating something good for you...

Or at least, the feeling you should get.

The problem is, there are MANY people who don't feel energized by their food. They live in a world of near constant fear of gaining weight and spend their lives eating steamed veggies, plain lettuce, and low-cal protein bars.
Then there are others who can't get enough food. So GOOD... so SWEET... I'll just eat this as much as I can. It's so good... I'll stop after the next one... okay, two more...
The next day, their pants don't fit and they have a major belly ache.

I am both of those.
But from now on I am neither one of those.

This is my blog where I will try to curb my sweet tooth without overdoing it or putting it off. I won't try to eat the perfect diet, but at the same time I will try to eat the foods which make my body feel its best. I will eat enough, I won't fear fat and carbs anymore, and I will accept that eating 20 protein bars is really not normal and not the way to deal with self deprivation.

If I want peanut butter I'll have it. If I want some veggies, I'll have those too. I will stop when I am satisfied, not full, and eat when I am hungry, not just because I'm bored.

I will do my best to share with anyone who may read this my daily eats/struggles. I will try to help you all conquer your fears as I conquer mine